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  In Chinese, “Worn Shoes” refers to loose woman.

A married, mid-age shoe maker, who is attracted by a dancer, makes a pair of shoes for her.

  He can make the perfect shoes for her but he could never be the perfect one.

  It’s about obsession.

  It’s about “not getting what is wanted”.

  It reveals the common perception of woman’s sexuality       at that time.

GENRE: Romantic/Drama/Period

Worn Shoes

Edited by Yixia Li

Written/Directed by Yufan Ge

Produced by Sharon S. Park/Shirley Jule/Yufan Ge

Director of Photography  Auden Bui

Production Design by Yuan Wang

Music by Huazhang Dai

Costume Design by Saori Mitome

* To watch the full film, please contact: for more details.

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